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Student Senate is designed to represent the entire student body of LCU. Senators work to provide activities for the students and hear students’ concerns. Student body president Slade Terry said the focus this year is to “reach more of the non-traditional students that may have transferred in not really knowing the culture of LCU.”

Senate puts on Stress Relief Week, which kicks off Monday and will include a viewing of the movie “The Shack” and several devotionals throughout the week.

Slade Terry, president

“Senate is a great way to get involved.”

Student body president Slade Terry is a senior finance major from Lubbock. Hejust passed his test so that he can become a national bank examiner. In this position, he would ensure that national banks are operating in a safe manner and comply with applicable

laws and regulations. But, if he could do anything in the world, he would be an Instagram-famous nature photographer that gets to travel the world and capture its beauty.

Slade grew up moving from small town to small town around the Lubbock area, and both of his parents live and work in Lubbock. He has one younger sister who attends Abilene Christian University. In his free time, Slade enjoys being a photographer, hanging out with his friends, and eating Mexican food – queso and burritos to be specific.

On campus, Slade is involved in Alliance – a program that assists the admissions office with campus tours and special events on campus. In the men’s social club Alpha Chi Delta, he holds the office of treasurer and is one of the Master Follies directors. He wanted to be in senate because “it’s a great way to get involved.” Years ago, his father was also the LCU student body president and he believes the two of them are the first father-son president duo.

Derek Jerezano, vice president

“Senate is a very inclusive organization … an incredible outlet to serve.”

Derek Jerezano is a junior youth and family ministry major. With his degree, he said that he wants to serve God in whatever way he can, whether that is inside or outside the church. His dream job would be leading a mountain ministry – where he takes youth groups up mountains and shows them “the beautiful creation of God.”

Derek was born in Boston, Mass., but lived in Honduras until he was about five years old. He then moved with his mother to Amarillo, Texas, where he has lived ever since. The majority of his family lives in Honduras, but he said the distance does not affect their close relationships.

Derek loves to hike, be outdoors and listen to music. One of his favorite pastimes is anime-watching. He is an RA in the dorms, sits desk for the Living Center, works for LCU Public Relations is a part of the Alliance program, and is on the student leadership committee. He is also an active member in the men’s social club Koinonia. Derek said he wanted to join senate because “it’s a very inclusive organization and it’s an in incredible outlet to serve the LCU community.”

Sarah Posey, secretary

“Senate pulls everyone in, from all over campus.”

Sarah Posey is a junior organizational communications major from Rotan, Texas. She would like to be a real estate agent or an event planner for a corporation. Her dream job would be to plan a big wedding, but she would prefer to avoid any bride-zillas.

Sarah spent her childhood in a small town with one red light. She is very close to her family, with five siblings who she says are her best friends. She said she has always been “girly,” but her brothers made sure she always had a little tomboy in her. She grew up riding bikes on dirt roads and having dirt clod fights.

In her free time, Sarah likes to play the fiddle, go swimming, and hang out with friends. She is involved in the Alliance program and is an RA at Katie Rogers dorm. She is also the chaplain of the women’s social club Christliche Damen. She said she joined senate because she “loves how the organization pulls everyone in, people from all different clubs and all over campus.” As secretary, she keeps track of meeting minutes, attendance, and sending emails. She loves being in senate because she gets to help plan events for the entire student body.

Josh Starr, treasurer

“Senate serves the student body and also the community.”

Josh Starr is a sophomore business major from Lubbock. He does not have a specific career focus yet, but may go into finance or economics. He hopes to one day be involved in the management of a Fortune 500 company. If he could be anything in the world, he would be the CEO of Walt Disney.


Josh was born in Austin and moved to Lubbock at age five. He has a brother and a sister and his father is executive vice president of LCU. His mother is the librarian at Coronado High School and she’s the main reason he fell in love with reading. He likes to play his banjo in his dorm room, work out, and spend time with his girlfriend, Taylor.

Josh participates on campus as the vice president of Business Connect (formerly Enactus) and is an RA in Johnson Hall. As student body treasurer, Josh said he “keeps our visions hand-in-hand with reality.” His focus this year is on using 100 percent of the senate’s budget efficiently. He wanted to be in senate because he “loves being a part of an organization that serves the student body and also the community around.”


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