Caution: “Stranger Things” Ahead


In my opinion, there’s no better way to kick-off Halloween celebrations than to binge-watch a show full of mystery, monsters, and seriously talented actors. Netflix just made this feat a lot easier by releasing all episodes of the second season of “Stranger Things” – one of the company’s original series – this Friday.

I watched the first season of this blockbuster TV series in a matter of two days. So, in case you missed it or streamed it as quickly as I did, here’s your memory refresh.

Season 1 recap

In the shady Hawkins National Laboratory in the 1980s, a mysterious creature attacks a scientist and escapes. Four young boys are experts in monsters, as they regularly play long games of Dungeons & Dragons. One night one of the boys, Will Byers, sees this escaped “demogorgon,” and then disappears.

While searching for Will, the boys meet an unusual girl who has telekinetic powers – and an unusual name, Eleven. She escaped from Hawkins after being the subject of a human experiment. She uses her powers to aid her new friends, by flipping vehicles and killing people with her mind.

Will’s mother, Joyce, and local chief of police, Hopper, lead their own investigation into Hawkins Lab. Eventually, they enter the Upside Down, where the creature lives, and find Will unconscious. He is revived, but Eleven suffers a different fate. After killing the monster to save her friends, she vanishes. The town members are then left to make sense of all that happened.

Why I love “Stranger Things”

Usually, I don’t enjoy watching science fiction shows – but “Stranger Things” is just different. One reason I can’t get enough of the show is the character development. Not only is every character unique, they each travel their own personal journey.

Just think about Joyce Byers. Every time we see her, she is becoming more and more desperate to get her son back. Winona Ryder perfectly displays the emotional breakdown a parent goes through when a child goes missing.

I also love this show’s humor. A middle school-aged group of science-loving boys is paired up with a mysterious, super hero girl. What could go wrong? The group members’ individual quirks add comic relief to an otherwise dark plot.

My predictions

From the new trailer, we can tell that Eleven is still alive and hiding out. At some point she returns to Hawkins, I believe because she knows that her friends are in danger. Will is still having visions of the Upside Down, but I don’t think they are just that. I believe a new creature has emerged from the alternate dimension to wreak havoc on the already distraught town. I predict romantic tension will rise between Joyce, Hopper and a new character that arrives in Hawkins that Joyce knew in high school. I believe the new premise for this season will be the attempt of the characters to return to normalcy, but recurring events will gradually pull them back into the world of the unknown.

What about you? Any predictions? Share them with us in the comments section below.



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