BREAKING NEWS: Midweek update on “Last Chap Standing”


One second you’re having a conversation with a friend and the next they’ve taken off across campus, being chased down by another student. Last Chap Standing has taken over the LCU campus once again. This annual game of tag is in full swing as almost halfway through the week there are an estimated 50-60 members still in the game.

Each student participating secretly receives the name of another player. If you’re caught, you’re out! When a player catches their target, their target’s target becomes theirs and the game continues. While people are constantly chasing after different people, it’s exciting and secretive and hard to follow. There are some “off limit” zones such as during class (at least while the professor is in the room). Bathrooms, chapel, dorm rooms and hallways, and the cafeteria are also off limits, but other than that, it is free game, and alliances form quickly. Without knowing who is after you, and how quickly it will change, strategies and schedules become more important than ever.

“It teaches you to trust no one,” said sophomore Last Chap Standing committee member Josh Starr. At last check, he’s still in the game. Jost also commented on the game itself saying that it is “a widely competitive game that engages the whole campus.”

While some people try to hide from their fellow hunters, others try to take out as many people as possible, going after the first place prize. Sometimes this strategy is successful and sometimes not as much, like sophomore Sarah Posey found out: “It’s super competitive and I’m still mourning that I got out in the first thirty five minutes. It’s just a game but still upsetting.”

This game is the epitome of everyone’s childhood dream of getting to play games all day, because it’s a 24/7 game of tag. What could be better? It’s a ton of fun for the people playing and for the people who just get to observe their classmates being chased all over campus! Jojo Harris, a junior, said “the more people that play, the more fun it is. There’s definitely a sense of paranoia but it is really fun.”

So, watch the action, cheer on your friends, and make sure you sign up next year to play Last Chap Standing.


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