BLUR: A personal perspective


By Brandon Dewberry

As I entered the McDonald Moody Auditorium last week for my third BLUR event, I was expecting the regular experience: I would sing, listen to the speaker, then move on with my life. I had no idea how different this BLUR would be.

Sitting there, I noticed a different feeling in the air. I could sense something special was about to occur in not only my life, but in all the other students’ lives around me. As LCU’s Best Friends group led worship, it was as if you could feel the presence of God. Peace seemed to fill the room along with the beautiful harmonies. Hands began to raise and students closed their eyes as the power of Christ rushed through them.

The impact continued as Charlton Taylor spoke to us on the love chapter – 1 Corinthians 13. His message impacted me deeply. I realized that I was loving in the way the world does instead of in the way that God intends. I realized that if I showed others the love of Christ I could make a huge impact in people’s lives.

I believe most of the audience was in the same place as I. When Charlton made a joke, the entire auditorium would fill with laughter. The students seemed to be enthralled by the message, on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what Charlton would say next.

As I stood to leave the Moody that night, I could not help but feel the urge to love others on a whole different level. As you can guess, I won’t miss the next BLUR. And you should join me.


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