It’s All Greek To Me


But it doesn’t have to be. There are some powerful words in The Bible that can’t carry the full meaning and weight in English.

The different types of love are examples of this.

Another word that I have become extremely fond of recently is τετέλεσται (tetelestai).

It directly translates to “It Is Finished,” which is such a meaningful, weight-bearing sentence on its own without any further explanation.

A perfect God who desperately cares for us, enough that He couldn’t bear the thought of us not joining Him for eternity in heaven, sent His perfect son to suffer and become human for our sake.

This son, Jesus Christ, who represents all humanity had the potential to be and could’ve been had they not fallen, was born of a virgin, lived as a young man, perfect beyond our understanding, but still fully human.

He was willing to be turned against, mocked, beaten, tortured, and murdered in the most excruciating fashion so that you and I may live in the glory days on the winning team’s side.

In this extremely painful death, Jesus recognizes that He is the ultimate sacrifice. With His life depleting quickly, He utters the last words he will say before the resurrection,

“It Is Finished.” All that He has done for our salvation is complete

This form of the word τετέλεσται (tetelestai) is only used twice in The Bible, making its appearance rare and therefore giving us more to discover in its usage. It is used in a way that assumes “now accomplished” or “has already been completed.” It fulfills prophecy throughout John 19:20-30 in the depiction of the death of Jesus.

It is such a powerful statement: one word in Greek, three in English.

I am eternally grateful for those words that were spoken in more pain that I can ever imagine. Those words are why everything we’re fighting for matters.

Those three small words changed the long term for all eternity, and I’d love to be on that list at the end of my life when I hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


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