Words Matter: A Letter to My Fellow Chaps


Dear Students of Lubbock Christian University,

I would like to address a problem that is greatly affecting our campus. It has more than likely been a problem for years, but it has recently come to my own personal attention so I decided to address it at this time.

We come to this campus as freshmen, facing all kinds of fears and uncertainties. Some of us come with ideals of certain things, whether it is getting certain grades, taking certain classes, or joining a certain club.  One idea in particular often gets stuck in our heads: obtaining a ring by spring. This is especially true of the girls, although it is not limited to just the females. We, as students, search high and low, and not many of us find this coveted ring right away.  In fact, some of us don’t find it during our time here at all. So we get desperate and facilitate things to bring out all the single people so we know who are available. We have weeks through the school year (TWIRP week, I’m looking at you) where we have the girls ask the guys on a series of dates. There are even clubs that are sister and brother clubs, so there is that kind of encouragement towards a relationship, almost as if we’re acknowledging the fact that everyone is desperate to date but left to our own devices we couldn’t manage to find someone. So throw a boy club and a girl club together, and see if that helps foster some kind of mutual attraction between parties. And oftentimes it does. This is a great way for interesting people to meet other interesting people. Maybe even for interesting people to buy interesting rings, by spring of course, for other interesting people. That’s a whole lot of interesting.

On a more serious note, we need to be careful how we communicate with the opposite sex. I personally have been in situations where I felt like I understood what the “he” involved was pursuing with me, and it turned out to be the complete opposite.  Words hurt, and they can do damage on many fronts to another human being. Even if the words themselves aren’t hurtful, sometimes just the lack of thought behind them can cause wounds to others that we may not even realize. We need to be careful with our words. I encourage you to read James 3, allow it to soak in and apply it to your life. You never know how it can improve your life and the lives of those around you. Be intentionally kind and careful in the things you say!

Of course, this idea does not apply just to romantic relationships. Apply this thought to your family, your friends, your co-workers, and everyone else in between.

Go forth, fellow students! Be interesting, be kind, be blue!


A Fellow Student


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  1. I agree with the jist of the letter…words can hurt, but I’m a bit frazzled by the expectation of “a ring by spring.” Have we forgotten who writes our love stories? God, The Almighty Author, writes our love stories. We need to trust in His timing, not ours.

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