Prayer is something that we often associate with church or eating in public. This is the only thing that prayer meant to me until the last couple of years, when a desire to truly know God and His plans for my life sparked.

What is prayer?

A conversation with the Lord is such a special opportunity. We know that He wants a relationship with us, and prayer is one of the ways to attain that relationship and actively pursue Him. It isn’t that He doesn’t already know what’s going on in our lives, but the act of submission it takes to come before Him and tell Him, ask for His blessing and will over it, is such a sign of respect that is necessary on your walk.

Why is it important?

My daily life with God has improved so much since praying more. Yes, praying is awkward, sometimes painfully so.

I hate praying in public, or in classes, or groups, but I have tried to be more open to the idea that if I’m talking with God it doesn’t matter what anyone else sees. As it says in Matthew 6, we are not to pray with fancy words or special speech but like we would actually talk if God was here with us in person. Because He is.

So how do I start?

It’s a strange experience, if you aren’t one to pray often, to just start.

I understand, trust me. I had the head down, holding hands, eyes closed thing down. It wasn’t that I was pretending; I wanted what I felt like everyone else was getting out of prayer, but I wasn’t having the same experience.

It’s a great start to try and clear your head in the times when you already find yourself praying, such as in chapel or classes. But it makes my day so much better when I find myself praying to God throughout the day, just in the little things. Bringing my seemingly unimportant, monotonous mistakes and worries to God, and even bringing Him the little praises, makes me feel like my day is just led by Him.

So start praying. Forget about fumbling up your words or saying something wrong.

Talk to your Father in an act of inviting Him into your everyday life and offering it up for Him to lead. Start small and the joy of building your relationship with Him will come.


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