Dallas Fan Days: Part 1


Nerds. Nerds galore. That is what I got to experience over Fall Break, and it was the most fun I have had in quite a while. For those who may not know, Dallas Fan Days is the Fall Comic Con that is held in Irving, Texas, right outside of Dallas. Comic Con, in a nutshell, is a huge amalgamation of some of the biggest nerds in, around, and outside of Texas. It is where they can come and buy nerdy movie/comic/book/art/game/TV show related merchandise, meet authors and illustrators of comic books, cosplay as their favorite characters, meet celebrities, and have a great time.

In this “Part 1” of the article I am going to be talking about mostly the things that happened at Comic Con and what I experienced and saw. “Part 2” will delve more into the overall experience, how it felt, what it means for nerds, and the benefits of things like Comic Con.

So, the trip to Comic Con was about five hours from Lubbock. As stated previously, it was in Irving at their Convention Center. The setup of the convention served as a progression almost of the things to do. The main lobby area is where all the sign-ins and tickets were dealt with and also where the Costume Contests all took place. The lobby led into the main showroom where all the vendors and demonstrations were. This is where they tempt you with really cool memorabilia, one-of-a-kind clothes and artwork, and comic books…obviously. The second floor was the café where expensive food can be bought. The third floor was where all the professional cosplayers and the cosplay groups like the 501st and Rebel Legion were. The fourth and final floor was where all the celebrity meet and greets, autographs, and Q & A’s happened. This year some of their profiled guests were Danielle Panabaker (The Flash, Sky High), Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter), John De Lancie, and Michael Dorn (Star Trek) amongst others. I personally met and pictured/autographed with Mick Foley (WWE Wrestler) because I am a huge wrestling fan, but hadn’t met a wrestler before then, so that was an awesome experience. The two friends that I was with and I did buy our fair share of merchandise (destroying our wallets in the process), including one-of-a-kind artwork. We went to several Q&A’s with stars like Ian Ziering and Tori Spelling (90210), Danielle Panabaker, and the Star Trek cast, all of which was really amazing to see, because these are people. Just regular people. Hearing them talk about everyday life, the struggles they go through, the joys, the work they do, and the humbleness they portray really changed my perspective on entertainers. Because in the end, they are people, too. People who achieved their dream.

The best thing that I did all weekend was have the chance to talk and take pictures with the numerous cosplayers in attendance. Seeing the amount of work, dedication, time, money, love, and passion that went in to these amazing costumes and the gratitude the cosplayers showed to the people who noticed their hard-work was really inspiring. To see people with such full passion for something is quite amazing. Granted, not all of the costumes were great and not all were serious (Deadpool in a tutu I’m looking at you), but the ones that were, those were something to see. And yes, I’m using the word “amazing” a lot, but it’s hard to find a word that describes the experience adequately. It truly was amazing, but I’ll elaborate more on that in “Part 2”

To Be Continued…


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