A Resurrection You Won’t Forget


The week after Easter seems an appropriate time to review Kevin Reynold’s 2016 biblical drama Risen. While many religious films coming out lately paint a somewhat unrealistic depiction of Christians thought process through struggle, Risen turns the tables. Not only is the story of the Resurrection told, but it is detailed through the eyes of a Roman solider.

The movie tells the story of Clavius, a Roman tribune, who is charged by Pontius Pilate to investigate the rumors of the risen Jesus of Nazareth. Believing the missing body to be an act of grave robbery by the Jews, Clavius is also charged with the recovery of Jesus’ body in order to quell the uprising in Jerusalem brought about by the rumors. Clavius’ quest compels Him to seek out Jesus’ disciples in order to locate the body, but he grows doubtful of the situation as the Pharisees start granting people sanctuary and pay them to keep their silence. Clavius begins to develop his own search for the truth of the situation and is forever changed by what he discovers.

To be perfectly honest, I thought this film was going to be lame as all get out. I was pleasantly surprised to find the story was not only historically accurate for that time, but also more accurate to the Bible than I expected it to be. The Bible never goes into detail of how the Romans viewed Jesus’ resurrection, so I found the film a unique breath of fresh that was interesting as well as engaging. While there were still one or two lame moments, I enjoyed the intensity and adventure found within the film. I give it 4 stars because I hardly ever give anything five unless I just absolutely fall in love with it.


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