Hop, Skip, and a Jump Day


Leap year. It’s kind of a weird phenomenon that we just sort of accepted as normal without really questioning the origins or reasoning behind. Well, accept no more! Today we’re going to give a brief explanation concerning the start of leap year and why it matters in the life of each and every student on campus.

Okay, so leap actually started a long time ago with some guy named Julius Caesar. He was emperor of Rome, so he’s kind of an important historical figure. Back in that ancient time, the Romans actually had a calendar with 355 days instead of 365. To keep the festival days sort of consistent, a twenty-two or twenty-three-day month was created every two years, and that seemed to take care of the problem. To make things simpler, Caesar, being the all-powerful ruler of the Roman Empire decided to squash the extra days together, have 365 days most years and then 366 on leap years, which would now occur every four years. This appeased the gods and the astronomers and the people and sort of stuck. We still have twenty-nine days in February to this very day, which is why we can all thank Caesar next time we see him.

So why does this matter to our very busy college-y lives? Because we have an extra day. We have twenty-nine whole days in February instead of twenty-eight. Obviously, this is a super big deal. Do you ever wish you had more time? Do you catch yourself thinking If only I had more time, think of all the things I could accomplish. I would sleep more. I would be more productive. I would actually do my homework. Wish no more friends, Caesar himself has granted your request. Everything you’ve always wanted to do is now possible with the whole extra day we are given this year. So take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and seize the day. Let’s make this year’s February twenty-ninth the very best we’ve ever had, people. Take the day to celebrate you and the things you can do with all that extra time.

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