DiCaprio Strikes Gold!


The day has finally arrived. The one everyone has been talking about for pretty much forever. The day where the world changed substantially. Where things shifted just a little bit, and we all knew they would never be the same again. The day when the internet literally could not even, when Facebook shut down, when Twitter threw up its hands in jubilation and sauntered out of the building. The day was the twenty-eighth of February, and it was the day Leo won his Oscar.

Everyone knows Leonardo DiCaprio has been long overdue in the Oscar department. I mean, if we examine the man’s acting career, it’s easy to see how hard he has worked and how deserving he is to receive this fantastic honor. So how come it took so long to actually win the little golden man on the circular podium? Was his role as Jack in Titanic not convincing enough? Or what about Inception? Just didn’t make the cut, huh? I’d also like to point out his role in The Great Gatsby, The Aviator, Blood Diamond, and Shutter Island. But did any of these accomplishments win him an Oscar? No. What about the fact that he loves the environment and could probably single-handedly save the earth using only the beauty of his face? No one really talks about that very much. He’s a really upstanding guy who is good at what he does and doesn’t receive the credit that he should. So it is with great excitement, and slight annoyance at the time it has taken to reach this point, that I would like to congratulate Mr. DiCaprio on his Oscar for The Revenant. Good job, Leo. The people recognize your talent and think you’re fantastic.


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