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Director Lee Toland Krieger has made a phenomenal film of 2015. This film has it all: romance, touching back story, gorgeous cinematography, and a strong female lead to boot. With an all-star cast this movie will have you crying and appreciating the life you’ve been given.

Age of Adaline is a beautiful romance expressed through the eyes of an unknown narrator. Blending science with seemingly supernatural phenomenon, Blake Lively portrays the touching role of Adaline Bowman, whose body loses the ability to age after the trauma experienced due to a car accident in the middle of a lightning storm. Through flashbacks and the beautiful relationship with her daughter and new interest Ellis Jones and his family, the movie weaves the inspiring tale of a woman learning to truly live after giving up the thought of a happy ending long ago.

The movie tells a beautiful story with its cinematography. I can guarantee you’ll fall in love with the quirky 86 year-old trapped in the body of a 29 year-old, as well as her feelings on romance and the beauty of the life we all hold. Old-fashioned in the best way, this movie is a true treat that I would recommend for anyone.

Editor’s Note: I have also seen this film. I was apprehensive at first. I believe it was marketed strictly as a romance, or in the common tongue, a chick flick. In fact, the film also relies heavily on historical fiction as well as science fiction. It is definitely not specifically for women. It is actually the perfect date movie, as both men and women can find aspects of the movie which they enjoy. The science was sound, and I agree with Cori, the cinematography is dynamite.
Christopher Biggerstaff
Duster Today Student Editor


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