Technology Today


by Staff Writer, Molly Cox

As an education major, I find myself surrounded by more and more budding technology. From different computers, to tablets, and then phones, it seems like everyone must have the newest item that is out on the market in order to stay alive. I can still remember my parents teaching me how to use the phone-in-a-bag that stayed in our car in case of the most devastating emergency in the world (because it was also in the instructions to only use it during that time).

But as I looked down from the sound booth during chapel a few short weeks ago, I lost count of how many devices were out and in use instead of listening. Now, I’m not trying to imply that I am not guilty of this as well, I have played many “chapel games” in my time here at LCU, but I am saying that looking down on my fellow students I finally realized just how much technology has over run our society.

So I started to think, what’s the first thing I do when I get up? Check my phone of course, first to turn off my alarm that’s been snoozing for 20 minutes, but then to see who could have texted me in the night while I was receiving my solid eight hours of beauty sleep.

Then that got me thinking about how I fall asleep, which is either with the TV on or with my iPad on Netflix. So basically even the time that I spend regrouping at the end of everyday, the most relaxing point, is bookended with technology. Reading a book is no longer even safe from the clutches of technology, because there are easy to use devices for storing books now so you can carry them anywhere. Even bringing your Bible on a Sunday morning is no longer acceptable, because all you need is your phone and the right app.

Technology has changed from being an aid to society, into a crutch for society. Maybe one day, they will no longer need doctors to perform surgeries, because there will be robots who perform sufficiently enough. I feel that if there were less emphasis on the need to survive on technology, people would remember what they once enjoyed about life, being with family and education and all of the other things that grandmothers talk about with such fond memories. Maybe then people would spend less time in the clouds and more time with each other.


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