As many of you know, before Spring Break we had a relaxation chapel. A man comes every semester and lulls us all into a state of peacefulness, then wishes us well and tells us to go with God.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been far from relaxed this semester. People overlook how tough it can be to actually have fun and enjoy each other’s company when we have so much going on–constantly. I couldn’t even relax when he was talking us through the chapel. There was one thing he did different this time though, something I focused on despite my restlessness. He read us scripture.

How many of us can actually say that this is something we’ve done when we’ve been stressed this year? I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t, and if I have, I’ve been kicking and screaming all the way. In some aspects, the fact that we go to a Christian college doesn’t matter. Sure we run into more people who think like us and carry the same values, but let’s be honest for a second here. When we hear the same thing every day, it can get old. We stop paying as much attention because we’ve heard it all before, and we’ve got other things to do. We’ve got projects, papers, assignments, and tests. Then you throw social time and social clubs and a job in there and we’re all stretched thin. In the midst of all this we complain and groan and wish it was all just over. For most of us relaxation means emptying our head until we forget everything, but he read us scripture. He prayed over us.

I get it. I’ve whined just as much as anyone else about all the work I have to get done. As much as no one wants to hear it, we have to grow up. We think we’re busy now? My dad works twice as many hours as I do in a week. I have too much homework? You can bet your bottom dollar you’re going to have a lot more later if you’re going for your Masters and your Doctorate. Everyone is struggling, and it doesn’t get any easier. I’m not saying don’t talk about it, because we need to talk about it, but sometimes we have to stop talking and just listen. Scripture is there for us to seek guidance from God, so why don’t we ever use it? Why don’t we ever talk about that stuff together?

Out of the Darkness week this year was about sharing together as a community. It was about bonding together through Christ. All we need to do is pray and read scripture and fellowship together. It’s the simplest thing in the world. So why is it so hard for us? Why does it take one man in chapel on the day you actually bother to listen to tell you to relax in the Lord? I have insecurities, I have doubts, I’m afraid. Those are only some of my reasons. In the end, any reason I have is really just one more excuse not to actually live.

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good work, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

When’s the last time you actually stopped, read, prayed, and listened on your own time? When is the last time you really listened to anyone? He has our work for us. He knows our plans ahead of time. We are indispensable to Him. So talk to people, talk to Him, and listen up. We can’t do everything alone. Believe me we’ve all tried. So lean on the things He’s provided us with and make the most of your life right now. Now that Spring Break is over, we’ve only got a week and one more month until summer. Make the rest of it count.


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