How to Survive College: Easy Meals in the Dorms


As great as the cafeteria is, sometimes we don’t want to extend the effort to leave our dorm and get something to eat. Sometimes we even sleep through lunch or dinner entirely. While 16 cereal choices are awesome, I think we can all agree that sometimes we just want that much variety in the comfort of our own room. To help solve this problem, I’ve made a list of some foods you can get for cheap and easily make in the dorms.

1.     Quesadillas: This is one of the easiest things you can make in a dorm. Nachos are, too. You buy the chips or taco shells and shredded cheese. Just pop it in the microwave and voila! You have cheesy goodness.

2.     TV dinners: If you really want something easy to cook just go buy some cheap TV dinners that you like a lot. All you do is follow the directions and pop them in the microwave. Next thing you know you have a fancy dinner in your room.

3.     Cups of anything: Wal-Mart and Target have an awesome habit of having instant pour cups of ramen, rice, macaroni and cheese, etc. You can get a lot of instant pour foods for a good price, and they’re still pretty tasty.

4.     Cereal and Oatmeal: I know we have a lot of cereal in the cafeteria, but you can purchase a family size box of your favorite and it will last you awhile. Oatmeal is also an easy breakfast food to get ahold of and prepare.

5.     Snack foods: There are several cheap snack packs you can get for your room. The grocery store has plenty or yogurt and pudding cups to choose from. Fruit snacks are also an option.

We may get tired of Caf food sometimes, but there are plenty of options we can find in our own bedroom. For more tips and even recipes, you can check out and


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