A Therapeutic Lesson: A Look at the Behavioral Science Society


Contrary to popular belief, the social clubs are not the only clubs on campus. In fact, many of the departments on campus actually have their own clubs. For example, the Behavioral Science Department has the Behavioral Science Society or BSS.

For anyone majoring in Psychology, Family Studies, Social Work, etc. this club is beneficial for getting involved in the community and even offers study groups for people in the same classes in the department. The BSS also has speakers who talk about different techniques to give students an idea of what their future career might look like.

Their speaker on Tuesday, February 25th, was none other than LCU’s own Tonya Bonner. The meeting opened with a fun and humorous personality quiz, the Dailai Lama Personality Test, to lighten up the mood. Bonner, who works as a counselor outside of school, talked about how counseling "is like a box of chocolates. You never know what youre going to get." Most everyone appreciated the Forrest Gump reference. She then took everyone through an exercise. Four different students were chosen to act as a counselor for Bonner, who acted as patient with some kind of disorder. The first two students counseled her individually while the last scenario was joint counseling. The student then had to determine what kind of disorder she was exhibiting. The exercise was eye opening for the students and a good motivator for those who want to be counselors in the future.

Though the BSS is mainly beneficial for student majoring in the Behavioral Science department, the meetings are open for anyone to attend. The information given is helpful and the activities are a lot of fun to watch as well as participate in. The meetings are every other week on Tuesdays at 9. Feel free to come and enjoy whats almost always a fun and eventful night.


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